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"Since the installation of my gen-AIR-ator system five years ago, not only have my fish increased in size, but the pond water clarity has greatly improved."

Oscar Schroder - Brookfield, WI

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From America's great Midwest, Grovhac Inc. is proud to offer the gen-AIR-ator pond aerator to anyone whose pond needs "a breath of fresh air."

I have owned and used a gen-AIR-ator system for several years and I am very satisfied with its dependability and performance. As a result, it has made a great difference in the condition of our pond.

Peter A. Bergsten - Cleveland, OH

A result of over 30 years of pond aeration experience, the gen-AIR-ator is a product scientifically engineered for the preservation, enhancement, and enjoyment of our environment. Since Grovhac's incorporation in 1967, we've kept our focus on building high quality products at honest prices. Our 1-33-RXP gen-AIR-ator, the sixth generation of pond aerators built by Grovhac, has been specifically designed to provide superior, reliable, economical aeration, thereby giving the customer the very best value in the market.

Just look at some of the major advantages the gen-AIR-ator has to offer:

    Aerates and circulates 6,000 gallons of water per hour & dissolves 50 solid pounds of pure oxygen per day.

    Gets oxygen to the lake bottom & aerates water thoroughly from bottom to top, not just surface water.

    Uses only 1/3 HP (less HP than any other comparable unit) while producing more oxygen at lower cost than any other method.

    Designed to run year after year even in severe blizzards or ice storms.

    Do it yourself with the help of a friend. No special tools needed.

  • SAFE
    All electricity is provided on land, off the ground, and out of the water.

    The diffuser (or submerged unit) has no movable parts so there is no fish grind-up. The unit hides on the lake bottom causing no obstruction to either boater or swimmer.

    Thousands of satisfied customers nationwide.

"After installing hundreds of gen-AIR-ator systems, as part of my fishery management service, I am convinced that Grovhac, Inc. has designed the most efficient and reliable aeration equipment available in today's marketplace."

John B. Fitzpatrick, Fishery Management Service - Dwight, IL

I have tried other makes and types of aerators but I have found the Grovhac gen-AIR-ator to be the most dependable for my aeration needs.

T.W. Norris - Poysippi, WI

I installed this system on 6-22-07 and the surface moss was gone the next day. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it for myself. I have before and after photos. The water is getting clearer already and the fish are more active. Great system.

Gary W - Atlanta, IL

If at any time you have any questions on the gen-AIR-ator pond aeration system, please feel free to contact us. We appreciate your inquiries and always look forward to serving your needs!

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