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When you install a gen-AIR-ator pond aeration system, you will literally "give your pond a breath of fresh air!" By pumping air into the water instead of pumping the water itself, your lake or pond will be supplied with a much-needed source of oxygen that cannot be obtained naturally. And unlike so many of our competitors who employ a type of "surface aeration," the gen-AIR-ator will go to work in the entire body of water using a method known as "lake bed aeration." This is essential to ensure the long-term health and survival of your lake or pond.

In lake bed aeration, air is pumped from a "land-based" compressor to a lake bed venturi diffuser through a submersible poly pipe. As millions of bubbles rush to the water's surface, a steady stream of oxygen rich water is circulated over a wide area, as a result protecting the lake or pond from an overload of organic build-up. In other words, lake bed aeration prevents thermocline kill of your lake's inhabitants by destratification through continuous circulation. Lake bed aeration also guards against:

  1. Summer kill by providing sufficient quantities of dissolved oxygen.
  2. Chemical kill by reducing the need for chemicals.
  3. Winter kill by allowing the plume site to remain open in sub-zero cold.
(For more information on the many benefits of aeration, please click on the Principles of Aeration link)

The benefits of lake bed aeration can be seen in the illustration below:

The 1-33-RXP gen-AIR-ator pond aeration system comes complete with a power unit, 400 feet of poly pipe, a lake bed venturi diffuser, and all fittings and connections needed for installation, and sells for $865.00 (The illustration below shows what's included with the gen-AIR-ator purchase). This aerator unit has been designed to last for years of reliable service; the only maintenance involved is periodic replacement (every 2 to 3 years) of the compressor's carbon vanes and intake filter! These parts are easily obtained in our K-33-RXP repair kit, which sells for $90.00. Complete pricing of the gen-AIR-ator systems and repair parts can be found in our printer friendly price sheet.

Municipalities, recreational parks and zoos, and owners of pond & lakeshore property alike have all used the gen-AIR-ator pond aeration system to help restore the oxygen level of their lake beds. Once your water is supplied with more oxygen from a gen-AIR-ator system, the natural dying process of your lake will be reversed; see for yourself; amazing things will happen when you decide to "give your pond a breath of fresh air!"

To order a gen-AIR-ator system, you can:
  • Call us at toll free 1-800-369-2475 and ask to speak to a sales representative
  • Email us at sales@genairator.com with your contact information
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